We'll cover over 10 categories including:

      • Market Planning and Process

      • Marketing Initiatives

      • Sales Process

      • Sales Staff Performance & Effectiveness

      • Compensation

      • Sales/Marketing Systems & Tools

      • Training & Development

      • Plus 4 more....

        Here’s how it works…

1. You are sent a web link for the assessment and should allow 20 to 30 minutes for responding.

2. You are asked to respond to 100 statements on the above categories.  We often hear "I never thought to consider that before".  There is tremendous value simply in considering the insightful statements.

3. Within 24 hours you will receive a 25+ page analysis including charts and graphs synthesizing your observations into a clear road map of priorities.  You also receive an industry benchmark on how you measures against other firms in the normative database - providing perspective on your comparative strengths. 

4. We schedule a phone debrief to review the report and highlight critical areas worthy of further consideration.

5. The most significant value is when you can clearly see alignment issues from different organizational perspectives.  This segment of the assessment may be the difference between months of fractured activity - resulting in missed goals and bonuses - versus the powerful results generated by a team pulling together.  The Sales Baseline can be the impetus you require to bring your team together and create the cohesiveness for long-term success.   

The Baseline is powered by a million dollar plus technology investment that brings affordability for an individual participant as well as corporations with thousands of employees.  If you have the desire to build your sales organization the Sales Baseline will deliver the road map and framework. 

Your personalized Sales Baseline Assessment provides an excellent way to get an outside, unbiased opinion on your sales and marketing efforts from an organization that has been leading and managing sales and marketing for companies for more than 30 years. We provide the starting point for aligning your staff's perspectives turning those into a healthy focus on accomplishing critical short-term objectives. 

Download Sales Baseline brochure (PDF)
What others are saying:

"If you want an objective look at your marketing and sales team performance, take the AP Sales Growth  Assessment. You’ll get a scorecard on 11 critical aspects which will enlighten you as to areas holding back revenue gain. It’s the best organizational-wide sales and marketing assessment I’ve used."

Bill Blake
President and COO
eDocument Sciences, LLC


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Sales Baseline Assessment
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