Success Stories

"The strategic assessment uncovered deep rooted employee issues which were a threat to our productivity and customer perception. This process helped us directly avoid a financial and operational crisis that could have happened without the knowledge from the reports. It exposed the rocks that were hidden from the water's surface."
                                                             - Division President, Manufacturing industry

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We Start Where You Stand
Our methodologies allow clients to start at an entry point that is right for them.

​• Individual and Organizational Assessments provide a private method for you to step back from the madness and do an objective, arms length self-assessment of your organizations strategic strength, culture, sales and marketing operations or your teams effectiveness as leaders.

​​• On-line and In-Person Workshops on Sales Planning, Sales Forecasting, Business Planning, Exit Planning, and Organizational Development and Leadership Effectiveness.  

Business Advisor and Customer-Facing Engagements are personally designed to meet each client’s current needs and goals. At times that is as a true business advisor, and other times it is as card carrying member of your team engaging directly in the sales process with customers and prospects.

Sales and Marketing Coaching groups allow managers to benefit from a structured process that includes, goal setting, measurement, and consulting in an informal and inexpensive setting.

​• Sales Operation Guides document the markets you sell into, your products, services and solutions, typical competition and your value proposition and differentiation. It documents your selling process and aligns it with typical buying processes.  It provides pricing guidance, along with the steps (and people) to work with in preparing quotes, proposals and contracts. Managements expectations for sales performance, weekly and monthly reporting as well as, guidance in preparing sales forecasts are all laid out to accelerate new employee on-boarding and fast start effectiveness. 

A few of the areas we assist in both methods of engagement are listed below:
Sales and Marketing Engagements
     o New Revenue Creation
     o Extracting Greater Profit from existing services, products and pricing
     o Sales Forecasting Methodologies (Individual and Business Unit Roll-ups)
     o Aligning Sales Plans and Business Plans
     o Implementing Effective Sales Processes
     o Closing the Gap in Sales Performance
     o Methods for Reducing Staff Turnover
     o Recommendations on Incentive Compensation
     o Creating Achievable Sales Plans - individual/company-wide
     o Managing and Improving the sales pipeline management process
     o Creating Sales Tools to Support Sales Growth
     o Improving the Prospect Qualifying Process
     o Developing Sales Operations Guides

Professional Services Consulting and Delivery Engagements
     o Pricing Models (Fixed/T&M)
     o Writing Effective Scopes-of-Work,
     o SOW Change Control
     o Productivity Analysis
     o Staffing Analysis
     o Sales Training for Professional Service Staff
     o Sales Training for the sales staff to position Professional Services successfully

Business Engagements
     o P&L Forecasting
     o Cash flow planning
     o Allocations of corporate overhead to business units for clearer view of performance
     o Moving from cash basis to GAAP and accrual based F/S
     o Exit Planning

Our assessments provide a thorough diagnostic to improve improving organizational performance, sales performance and leadership development. These tools have been used by hundreds of small businesses, as well as F500 firms. Their unique construct provides immediate analysis organization-wide on where executives see significant potential and obstacles hindering growth.

Workshops, both on-site and web-based, assist in reviewing, defining and improving critical business processes, including Sales & Marketing, Business Planning, Pipeline Analysis& Sales Forecasting, Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Effectiveness, and Systematic Staffing & On-boarding.

Our Sales and Marketing Coaching Groups focus exclusively on marketing effectiveness and growing sales. Our unique tracking process allows executives to better assess their investments and results.

Advisory Projects/Engagements – if there are issues, such as listed above, that never seem to get off the things-to-do list, we will assist in moving those critical initiatives forward.

Interim Management – for situations where there is a need for part-time or short-term executive leadership to take a hands on role, we become a staff and customer facing part of your executive team.

For Professional Services Firms - our experience in growing and managing professional services type firms, includes our assisting firms in the creation of new offerings on the front end of a typical sales transaction. These services create early revenue, value and most importantly – credibility that lasts through the balance of the sales cycle. These paid services replace the free analysis many firms are encouraged to provide by the customer, the industry, and even their own sales force. We also offer sales training on the positioning and client value of consulting services and the SOW process, and analysis of current offerings for extending services and solutions.