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"I knew I could close deals, but I didn't know how to build and manage a sales team. Accountability Partners helped us develop a sales training process that led us to a 400% increase in just two years.”  -  Mike Davis, CEO, Savid Technologies


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Improving sales is hard…frustrating for almost everyone.

The good news is that you can realize sales growth, and that there are a variety of methods that will work successfully for your organization.

It can be as simple as restructuring your pricing model, adding new products and services, opening a new location or expanding sales staff, whether that is through direct sales, agents or additional channel partners. What is sometimes overlooked is the impact of formal business development.
We offer a comprehensive sales planning workshop that walks you through the planning process, with support from someone who has worked with hundreds of companies similar to yours.

Sales Review

Before we do the workshop, we start with a short conversation. Sometimes a brief discussion about the areas of under-performance, frustration or challenge can produce the clarity and breakthrough necessary to move forward.

Or perhaps there are some burning questions on your quota-setting or incentive plans where an experienced, unbiased recommendation is required. Not everything needs days of assessing and consulting! It is amazing what we can uncover, clarify and resolve in a few hours of dialogue.

Alternatively, there are times where a deep-dive is the only method to truly get below the surface, challenge the perceptions, get objective data and find the not-so-apparent items that are really your road blocks to improved sales.

Sales Planning

In this workshop, which typically takes 2-3 days, we use a variety of tools to analyze your organization’s specific services, products and solutions. We execute a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to holding the meeting.

We engage with your organization to assist you in preparing a comprehensive sales plan – in concert with the type of business plan selected – stakeholders, internal financial or capital raising scenarios. When needed, we also assist in the development of individual sales plans or account-specific sales strategy consulting.

In our planning we use specific templates based on your type of business and revenue model. For example, we work with various business models (Manufacturer; Distribution/Channel; Reseller) and revenue models (SaaS; Recurring; Service-based – fixed and T&M, Contingency).

Each individual template allows for specific solution offerings under multiple revenue models. For example, a series of services (Assessments, Implementation, Training) may be offered in either a fixed or T&M basis. There are hybrids to the above which are taken into account in our planning process.

Our planning workshops begin with a financial focus on past, current and future considerations. We challenge the status quo and look for breakthrough revenue opportunities.

As we identify aggressive opportunities we create awareness and agreement on realistic sales goals.

Our revenue planning timelines are typically three years and our templates provide monthly and quarterly roll-ups. It is critical to provide monthly revenue analysis in order to plan for spikes in ramp-up time for a product or sales team, as well as for seasonality adjustments in the selling process. This allows our business plan templates to be updated with accurate cash flow projections.
Our sales planning workshops can be standalone engagements or part of a firm’s overall business plan for comprehensive corporate planning.

Additionally our sales planning engagements may include:

  • Ideal prospect and demographic analysis
  • Recurring, add-on and new sales opportunities to existing clients and as new clients are acquired
  • Multi-level quota setting (corporate goal; sales management and individual contributor)
  • Structured sales cycle timing analysis based on your market conditions
  • Sales compensation review, recommendations and design

For more information about what information we request ahead of time, and the various ways the agenda for our workshops can be tailored to fit your needs, please contact us.

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