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"I hired a senior manger and after six months we just weren't on the same page. I turned to the Leadership Assessment to uncover their perspective and share with them how they were being perceived by myself, their peers and employees. Most importantly, the section where we mutually prioritized our goals allowed us to get realigned and focused. Happily, everyone benefited from this positive approach and our investment in the new manager is producing the results we anticipated."         -   Area Vice President, Sales.

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MASI, Ltd. is our investment banking alliance partner. Founded in 1984, MASI is a private investment bank that provides to mid-market companies divestiture, acquisition corporate finance, and strategic advisory services. As a founding member of M&A International, Inc., MASI's domestic and global resources and relationships are unmatched for the needs of privately-held and public clients.

Our marketing partner is Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group, Inc. As co-leader of the Marketing ROI Peer Group, PWMG is able to draw upon its 15 years’ experience serving small and mid-size companies. PWMG's clients are typically concerned about measurable results, about their budgets, and especially about alignment with their strategic objectives. PWMG specializes in public relations, integrated marketing campaigns, and social media marketing.

At Accountability Partners, our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution with the highest level of integrity to our customers. To help ensure this, we are proud to have created partnerships with companies that share these same levels of commitment.

All our partners are ones we have personal experience with their quality of work and integrity and honesty in our interactions.  As a wise Japanense accurately states "When the character of a man is unknown by you, look at his friends".  We are proud to list these friends and business partners.   
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