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"When we lost our VP of sales, Accountability Partners came in, steadied the ship, and brought a set of best practices which we would never otherwise been aware. They assisted us in the recruitment and have provided on-boarding services to ensure the new VP's successful integration into the company."  - President, Development Company

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We generally utilize one of our assessment products to dig below the symptoms and find root cause issues swiftly and objectively. They allow us to see common viewpoints between the CxO; Executive Management; Line Management and Field Staff.

Depending on those findings, we either "jump right in" (given we have a picture of the environment and underlying issues) or hold a specific workshop with the key executives to ​​further discover the areas of opportunity or under-performance.

​​To find a balance between moving to fast and unnecessary paralysis, we allocate the amount of time in the discovery and planning phases to the expected impact on the organization in terms of culture, financial risk and financial opportunity. Areas of low impact should move through planning quickly with the ability to re-enter it as necessary. Acquisitions, new product lines, geographic expansion are areas of significant risk and opportunity that obviously require an appropriate amount of planning.

Execution itself is what separates the most successful organizations from the failures. You can get everything else right, but if you fail at execution the work has been in vain. This can be more significant than realized due to the window of opportunity that may have shrunk in the execution phase.

The execution phase is ownership of the SMART process. It is the ability to work through the unexpected, maintaining successful implementation on time and in budget. It requires accountability to the group and effective communication to the affected clients, customers, members, vendors and/or organizational associates.

We assist clients in both hands-on execution and mentoring aspects.  Please contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

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